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What is PPC?

PPC or Pay-Per-Click is a form of online advertising where an advertiser is only charged when their ad is actually clicked.
In essence pay-per-click is simply buying visitors for a web page, as opposed to trying to gain visitors “organically” via search engine results.
Once you have those visitors on your site the goal is to convert them into customers/clients/patients.
The easiest way to think about Pay-Per Click advertising is you are essentially trying to buy dollars at a discount. For every $1 you spend in advertising you’d like to get back $2.
When done right it can be a very profitable and an excellent way the grow a business.


  1. Someone searches online using Google or Bing or sees an ad in their Facebook news feed,
  2. Your ad is relevant to them and fills a need,
  3. They click on the ad and are taken to your website.

PPC puts you in front of people that are specifically targeted for what you offer and motivated to take action

PPC/SEM makes your business relevant to the right person at the right time.


PPC is all we do 

We Believe in Focusing on One Thing and Doing it Well

What is Account Management?

When it comes to services like PPC, companies do business in one of two ways.
  1. The company you hire is paying for the traffic.
  2. You are paying for the traffic directly with the ad platforms (Google, Bing, Facebook)
This model offers no transparency and leaves clients in the dark as to what is really going on.  Often these types of companies will offer other services in addition to PPC, like SEO, web site design and hosting. This type of model would typically be described as an online marketing/advertising company or whatever their core competency is. For example maybe a design firm starts offering PPC services to their clients.
The account management model tends to lead to more success and stronger partnerships between the involved parties, mainly because of the clarity and transparency it provides. Campaigns are set up and managed on your behalf in your account, you are billed directly from the ad platform. You pay management company separate for the their services.


When traffic is bought on your behalf in someone else’s account, they're funneling your funds through their account. 


Why Use Account Management?

PPC is not easy.
PPC and online advertising comes with a steep learning curve and requires a level of commitment and dedication that most business owners don’t have the time for.
Operating and managing a business is difficult enough by itself. Want to hire a dedicated employee? That’s a costly commitment filled with many of its own challenges.
The most cost effective and efficient way to have success with PPC advertising is by outsourcing to a qualified and reputable management firm.


Advertising is an investment.
ROI is the name of the game, and the right partner is the one that gives you the best chance to succeed.
There are two types of companies that you can work with; The one that has the “feed the machine” business model and is depended on signing up the next client.
And the one that has the ability to maximize your return on investment because they are driven by a sense of responsibility where doing it right matters most and is guided by a sound approach towards PPC and business.


Transparency and accountability.
Beware of companies that funnel your budget through their PPC account.  How’s your money being spent? where’s it going?


Focus on What you do and Leave the PPC to Dedicated Experts you can Trust

How We're Different?

Because We Buy Customers, Not Clicks


Clicks are important of course.
But not all clicks are created equal.
Customers Grow A Business, Not Clicks


Getting the right people to click at the right time and then match their expectations is a very different thing and requires going beyond simply trying to get clicks.


Clicks are great, conversions are great.. But is business getting better?


Every action they take and the behavioral patterns they exhibit are all opportunities.  Our job is to capitalize on the those opportunities and deliver measurable results.
Testing, optimizing, achieving profitability and maximizing returns is the continual process we’re engaged in.


Stop Stressing About Finding Your Next Client

Growing Your Business is Our Business

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The clicks you get are real people visiting your site

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About Us

We Exist to Fill a Gap in the Market
Guided by the lack of quality options available we saw an opportunity to bring an approach and methodology that is typically only available to companies with very large advertising budgets.
That’s where we saw a chance to help, and do things differently.
We work closely with clients identifying what drives their business and what their goals are.
We take the time to find out what makes a business different and unique.
We tie what a business does with what their customer, client or patient really wants. We focus on finding out what’s the thing that’s going to get them to act in the way we want them to.
We can only do this by working closely with our clients, and developing long term working partnerships. We don’t believe in contracts and let our results determine the nature and term of our relationships.
The results our clients see are very important to us, we are vested in their success and the investment that they have entrusted us with. We take pride in what we do and stand behind our work.

All we do is PPC account management.

If you need someone to; build your website, design a logo, provide hosting or manage your SEO efforts. You’re in the wrong place.
PPC Account management is not another service we decided to “get in on”. Unlike so many other companies our business model doesn’t handcuff us and force us to be signing up new clients as fast as possible.
Our priority first and foremost is search engine advertising and making sure we deliver positive results. Marketing slogans that sound sexy and exciting might do the trick to get you to sign up, but in the long run they’re not enough.
The value we offer is in truly understanding what this means to you and your business.
If we can’t create a measurable impact towards your business’s goals, then we failed.

Nothing Less than Full Transparency.

For a relationship to be fruitful and have long term success it must be built on honesty and integrity.
Your advertising budget fully and directly goes towards your advertising expenses with the search engines. You pay those fees directly through your account (Google Adwords, Bing Ads) and your fee to us is paid separately.
You always know where your money is going and how it is being used.
Your search engine marketing account data is a business asset. You paid to learn valuable information about your target market.
We manage your account. The data belongs to you and will always stay with you regardless of whether or not we are your service provider.