You Will See Results

PPC Puts You In Front Of People That Are Motivated To Take Action

Focus on What you do and Leave the PPC to Dedicated Marketing Nerds

Stop Stressing About Finding Your Next Client

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PPC Works.  People are searching for what you offer.  
With PPC you can reach the right person, at the right moment with the right mesaage and transform your business.


We are dedicated to your success.  From optimizing your campaigns to building custom landing pages, we dial into what motivates your audience to act. 


Your Success Is Our Business

You Will Make More Money 

We focus on sales, not clicks.  Forget about pretty stats, we want to improve your business.  Getting the right people to click at the right time and match their expectations requires going beyond simply trying to get clicks.

You Get Talent & Experience

We Exist to fill a gap in the market.  Guided by the lack of quality options available we saw an opportunity to bring an approach and methodology that is typically only available to companies with very large advertising budgets.
The results our clients see are very important to us, we're vested in their success. 


We Help Our Clients Make Money & Grow

We use high level ppc strategies & dedicated campaign specific landing pages.

We work closely with clients identifying what drives their practices and what their goals are.

We tie what a firm does with what their target audience wants.

We develop long term working partnerships with our clients. 

We don’t believe in contracts and let our results determine the nature and term of our relationships.


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We Help Attorneys Make More Money

People are Searching For What You Offer

Build a System That Generates New Clients Every Month


MOMENTUM is a Marketing Agency

Specializing in Helping Attorneys & Law Firms

We Believe in Focusing on One Thing and Doing it Well


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We Buy Customers, Not Clicks
Clicks are important of course.  But customers grow a business, not clicks.


PPC makes you relevant to the right person at the right time

We Optimize For Profit

Profit is  the lifeblood of your business, and the reason you advertise.  

PPC Is All We Do
We Believe In Transparency

Transparency and accountability are a must for long term partner success.  


PPC works and when done right you'll see results quickly

A system that generates new business every month is game changing for any practice

Target people the moment they are searching for exactly what you offer

It doesn't get any better than an audience that tells you exactly what they're interested in

The ability to target people who have expressed a clear and specifc interest is very powerful